File a Trip Report / Float Plan

If possible, please file a trip report prior to departure.

Roll Call

Tune your radio to 14300 KHz USB at 0300UTC and wait for the net controller or a relay station to ask for maritime mobiles wanting to be on the roll call.

Reply with your amateur callsign, and when requested, your name, vessel name, number of persons aboard, departure and destination ports.

The roll call commences at 0310UTC, after which there is another invitation for maritime mobiles to check in.

Daily Check In

Once on the roll call, we call you every day until you make landfall.

It is important that you check in every day. Failure to do so could cause unnecessary concern.

Vessels are called in the order in which they joined, except for single handed vessels, which are called first.

Report Format

Please prepare your report prior to transmission and have it written down so that it can be communicated quickly and accurately.
0300 UTC
32 16 S 174 28 E
270 T
5.2 knots
SW 15 knots
E 0.5 metre
1015 hPA steady
All well aboard!
When transmitting your report over SSB, use single digits. For example:

  • Say “three two degrees one six minutes south, not “thirty two sixteen south”
  • Say “two seven zero degrees true” not “two hundred and seventy true.”


Please call us during roll call, or email to advise of your safe arrival. Try not to forget!